Working on a team or as a team?

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If you lead a team or have been part of one, you know that it can be a rewarding experience or one that puts you off ever doing it again, and everything in between.

I’ve had both experiences and as a team coach, use the good and the bad to help the teams I coach now to work together and function at their best. 

Whether working virtually or in-person, you may find yourself assigned to lead or be on a team without warning or a road map. How often have you found there’s a sole focus on the team leader’s agenda and you don’t necessarily know why you are there, why this team even exists or why you are part of it?


Does your team have one?

Does everyone know what it is?

Can everyone articulate it clearly?

If not, how successful is your Team?

Psychological Safety

If you’ve ever had a team leader say “we don’t need to address that” when it’s the elephant in the room, you’ll recognize how disempowering that is. When your concerns about the behavior of the other team members or the direction you’re headed are ignored or even squashed, it’s much less likely you’ll participate fully or even stay engaged.

Do you feel empowered to speak up, have the difficult conversations and address what’s uncomfortable?

Does every team member feel able to speak freely?

Can you express your opinions without fear of retribution or ridicule?

If not, how successful is your Team?

Your Stakeholders

Many teams work within a bigger system but sometimes overlook some of the stakeholders and the importance of paying attention to them.

Do you know who they are and what their needs are?

Are you meeting their expectations and how would you know?

Are you having ongoing conversations with them?

If not, how successful is your Team?

Teams are dynamic, ever-changing and complex and can be challenging to navigate – often neglected in terms of preparation or management. Imagine if you were a successful sports team, would you go out on the court or field without a strategy, assigned roles, rules of engagement and a coach? 

Paying attention to these three key elements can make a huge difference in your effectiveness working as a team and ultimately its overall success.

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