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Regardless of size, three important keys to achieving a thriving workforce and culture are Retention, Engagement and Productivity. We collaborate with hiring managers and Human Resources to groom your valued employees into star performers and successful team members.

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Having spent decades with a range of organizations from Fortune 500 to start-ups and other entrepreneurial ventures, I’ve been privileged to work with a number of great leaders for whom their employees go above and beyond and often follow them from company to company. But for every great leader there were many more that weren’t. I have witnessed so many people who worked in fear and were disengaged because of the way they were treated. Some were bullied and mistreated verbally and financially, some were harassed and some were just never given any feedback or development to get them to the next level. But whatever the treatment, the end result was the same. People don’t leave a job or even a company, they leave their boss!

My purpose became clear –I decided to become a leadership coach for both individuals and teams so I could help them have a positive impact on all the people they interact with. . Most of us spend more than a third of our lives at work with people who have a major impact on our careers, success and well-being.  Bad leaders have disengaged employees which results in poor retention and productivity. These have a significant impact on sales, profitability and the success of the company. Having impact and getting results for me is helping already accomplished people hone their talents into refined strength and learn the skills and behaviors that will not only make them successful but will affect the people they work for and with and who work for them.


who WE ARE

What distinguishes Turtle Executive Coaching from other coaching and consulting firms is our highly client-centric approach to coaching, training and leadership development. Our Principal, Irené Turtle believes that self-awareness is an essential component to change and values Gallup’s CliftonStrengths Assessment. Her number one Talent is Individualization and cookie cutter is not in her vocabulary or approach.

Our process is not designed to change who you are but to change your behavior. Instead, we focus on your existing skills, assess your talents, and build from there, guiding you towards positive growth. It’s been proven to work successfully for our clients in a range of industries.

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While our tools and approach can work with any industry or discipline, we focus  on helping TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING, SOFTWARE and other high growth companies where subject matter expertise has been prioritized sometimes at the expense of communication, executive presence, influencing and other leadership abilities.

We also work with entrepreneurs who like many executives need a sounding board, a reality check and someone to challenge their thinking – we do this with directness, candor, integrity and above all a sense of humor!

Our Clients Are Our Biggest Advocates

Shannon R. Technology Business Owner and Entrepreneur

Irené has been an incredible asset to me as a small business owner and consultant. She has helped me clarify my career goals, discern direction for the future and create practical and achievable steps to get there. Not only does she offer incredible insight and wisdom to her clients but she provides an excellent sounding board on which to bounce ideas off and generate self-feedback and self-awareness.

Her caring nature and approachability make it easy to feel immediately comfortable and at ease while her ethos and experience makes her feedback credible and sound. While anyone can bring technical training and expertise to the table, Irené also brings personality and character that provides the essence of what is required for an effective coaching relationship: trust, rapport and encouragement.

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