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In our competitive, challenging and constantly changing business landscape, great leadership makes the difference between mediocre results and great achievement. A company of leaders innovates, grows and excels. Leaders are effective communicators, they are influential, they know how to delegate, manage teams effectively and resolve conflict with ease. In other words, they have high emotional intelligence (EQ) that allows them to lead themselves and others towards a shared vision.

Leadership is not a class you’ll find in high school and rarely in college or business school. Most people enter the workforce with little if any training on how to be a great leader. If they are good at their job and land a promotion, then they will likely manage a team without the knowledge to do it effectively. Plenty of smart, talented people get stuck on the corporate ladder simply because they are not effective leaders or team members.

Leadership skills are essential for high level growth and success in business both individual and organizationally. The good news is Leadership and Emotional Intelligence can be taught, developed and improved over time.

Irené’s Background & Story…

Irené worked for several years as an executive recruiter and then became involved in other areas of human resources such as training, succession planning, coaching and employee relations. As she moved into more senior roles, she saw firsthand how leadership – or in some cases, the lack of it – was usually the biggest factor in determining the success or failure of the team, department or organization. As a result, she recognized a huge opportunity and became passionate about helping leaders change their behavior and the behavior of those they manage.

Her experience at The Walt Disney Company before joining Acacia Research, a Pasadena based incubator in the early dot-com days, enabled her to develop her skills in training, talent acquisition, leadership development and change management to bring about lasting improvement in any organization that values growth. She has trained for and consulted with everything from high-tech start-ups to mature “brick & mortar” companies in various fields, including entertainment, bio-tech, financial services and healthcare.

Irené Today…

Today Irené provides Executive Leadership Coaching for Entrepreneurs and Executives. She focuses on working with high-tech startups and high-growth companies where excellence in leadership is especially crucial. Specifically, she helps her clients develop confidence and build on their communication, conflict resolution, delegation and team development skills. She works with teams on identifying the right talent, solidifying their mission, purpose and values, and helping them succeed as a cohesive unit.

Irené is passionate about helping individuals and teams make significant transformations in their professional lives, which carries over into their personal lives. She has seen firsthand how that focusing on and strengthening emotional intelligence in executives and the people they lead has a powerful and positive impact on behavior, communication and, most importantly for business, profits.

Background, Education & Experience

B.A Social Psychology; Post Graduate Diploma (D.M.S) in Management Studies; Certified in Mediation by the Los Angeles Bar Association; Certified Hypnotherapist

Coaching Credentials: Advance Certified Personal and Executive Coach (College of Executive Coaching); ICF credentialed Coach PCC.