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Turtle Executive Coaching offers a range of Training and Facilitated Workshops that can help your company to inspire, motivate and educate groups and teams. We collaborate with you to design, produce and execute leadership retreats and workshops for high achievers in organizations that range from growing start-ups to established and growing companies in the technology sector.


(Virtual or In-Person Available)

  • Does your team communicate effectively with each other and all its stakeholders?
  • Do some of your smartest people clash and fail to achieve the synergy you expect from talented individuals?
  • Do your team members understand and value their own talents and strengths and those of others on their team?
  • Do your teams utilize their talents and strengths to gain maximum momentum and really function as a high performing team?

Our experience as professional facilitators will help your organization to motivate its workforce, improve morale in the workplace and inspire more effective and more productive employee engagement across the board.

We offer a combination of training and coaching which has been proven to be much more effective than training alone. Incorporate the action items and ideas from the team workshop into everyday activities and have the team members work individually with the coach to reinforce and encourage behavior change.

Facilitated Learning Workshops

Teams that receive strengths based development see as much as an 18% increase in employee performance


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