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In today’s business world , corporations and entrepreneurs realize that although their employees may be talented, they could lack certain skills.  It’s difficult to develop these types of skills on your own.  This is where my EXECUTIVE, PERSONAL, and CAREER coaching come in. It’s not designed to change who you are.  Instead we’ll identify your existing skills and talents and build from there.  My program has worked for people from all backgrounds.


HOW CAN I Inspire YOU?

      • build CONFIDENCE
        Know your own abilities. Have enough faith in them to make sound decisions in the face of uncertainty and pressure. Express yourself in an assured and unhesitating manner.
        Improve listening, be open-minded, understand others and the effect of your verbal and non-verbal communication style when dealing with friends, family, and colleagues.
      • increase PRODUCTIVITY
        Maximize your potential by pursuing new ideas and alternative solutions. Use a creative, thought-provoking process that supports individual or team performance.
      • improve RELATIONSHIPS
        Become more skilled in resolving conflicts, leading a team, or relating to your boss, co-workers, or someone else in your life. Increase your personal effectiveness by dealing with this especially amidst crisis and chaos.
      • create CLARITY
        Cut through the mind clutter, prioritize better, and approach things from an elevated viewpoint. Think of your coach as a confidential thought partner who’ll help you formulate goals and actions to achieve your desired outcome.
      • manage TRANSITIONS
        You may be experiencing change or going through a career or life transition. Learn how to manage personal or professional change and how you react to it. You’ll create positive results for both you and your organization.
      • enhance WORK/LIFE BALANCE
        Does work overshadow your relationships, family, social and civic life? Explore what prevents you from achieving career success. Learn how to find balance while still being productive and guilt free.
      • develop EXECUTIVE PRESENCE
        Are you perceived as leadership material?  When it comes to career success, hard work and good presentation alone may not equal executive presence. Discover how to build this key component to business success.




A successful coaching engagement depends on your capacity to grow and your willingness to self-reflect.Perhaps the most crucial factor in the success of coaching is the rapport between client and coach.  If rapport is not there, achieving goals is difficult, if not impossible.


Fotosearch_k9724692GEARED TO YOUR NEEDS

Because your goals are unique, our coaching sessions are highly flexible and very individualized.  Each session is geared toward your needs.  Consider us as confidential thought partners who help formulate goals and your action plan. For coaching to be effective, it must be collaborative.

Typical coaching engagements usually take place over a 6-12 month period, however there can be variations to this based on your situation, and what we want to accomplish together.