Our Clients Are Our Biggest Advocates

Irené is uniquely gifted at helping you obtain a fresh perspective on your own talents.

She makes this difficult task enjoyable with her unique blend of experience, deep insight, and humor. 

Irené artfully moved me out of my comfort zone, allowing me to take my game to the next level!

A. Miller
Environmental Tech Strategist

Irené Turtle is an extraordinary coach who brings out the best in her clients while keeping it all real. She brought her rich HR experience to every coaching session, often challenging my assumptions and negative thoughts, while also offering perspectives that I had not considered. Irené suggested valuable assignments between sessions and held me accountable. She is a skilled listener who impressed me with her reassuring warmth and a delightful sense of humor. She has encouraged me to take control of the opportunities that lie ahead, turning daunting challenges into opportunities to thrive.

Jane B.
SVP Communications, Healthcare

Irené Turtle is an exceptional coach and mentor. When we began working together, one of my goals was to increase my confidence and executive presence. I wasn’t sure what was getting in my way. Irené helped me identify thought processes that were inhibiting me and provided tools that helped me redirect my thoughts and actions in a more productive way. Not only has my confidence increased, but so has my career success and respect from those at the most senior levels of the organization and I got promoted!

Amy L.
VP HR, Banking

Irené has been such a wonderful part of my entrepreneurial journey. I always felt like she not only had my back, but also provided awesome insight and perspective. Entrepreneurship can be unpredictable and chaotic at times but Irené helped me alleviate a lot of my stress by offering practical ideas to extinguish the fires that would arise. Irené is kind, professional, and passionate about helping entrepreneurs and professionals navigate through the complexities of business. She brings a simple, yet effective approach to situations.

CEO, Karmabox

Irené has been an incredible asset to me as a small business owner and consultant. She has helped me clarify my career goals, discern direction for the future and create practical and achievable steps to get there. Not only does she offer incredible insight and wisdom to her clients but she provides an excellent sounding board on which to bounce ideas off and generate self-feedback and self-awareness.

Her caring nature and approachability make it easy to feel immediately comfortable and at ease while her ethos and experience makes her feedback credible and sound. While anyone can bring technical training and expertise to the table, Irené also brings personality and character that provides the essence of what is required for an effective coaching relationship: trust, rapport and encouragement.

Shannon R.
Technology Business Owner and Entrepreneur

Having come through a difficult time, both work-wise and personally as a result of significant bullying from my CEO, I felt indecisive and lacking in confidence. I blamed myself for many of the things that led to me leaving my last job. Irené helped me reframe my situation. She’s been very helpful in assisting me put my experiences into a more manageable context.

Ann G.
CEO Non-Profit Organization

Irené facilitated a leadership coaching workshop for our senior leadership team at KGI. She helped us define the strategic goals for our group and more importantly what our values are. I would recommend Irené for any group who is looking to articulate their vision and values and then put them into practice.

Kelly Esperias
Vice President Keck Graduate Institute

Irené’s genuine interest in helping others to develop in their careers created an engaging learning experience when she presented at our ATD meeting. She has a passion for learning that drives deep knowledge in her subject matter to meet the needs of an experienced group of colleagues. Her sense of humor and generous spirit are her secret weapons to quickly build trust in the room when she speaks to groups.  

Lynnette Ward
Trainer, Facilitator and Coach

Irené guided a fabulous coaching workshop at our GABA Women in Business event. All the participants were highly engaged and obtained great insight into how to overcome procrastination. Thank you Irené for helping us to face our fears and create action plans.

Barbara Kempen
President of GABA, LA

I started working with Irené as I was going through a career transition.  Irené is a wonderful and empathetic listener who guides one along the path of increased self-awareness through thoughtful and incisive questions. Her coaching made a world of difference to me, as she helped me sharpen my understanding of my strengths, my career objectives and helped me clarify my goals in achieving a new position. She also helped me fine-tune my professional presence, and gave me new tools to assist me in overcoming career challenges and expressing my full value to the business. She was definitely instrumental in taking my career to the next level. 

S. Lovin
Director Strategic Initiatives, Health and Life Sciences

I attended an Emotional Intelligence workshop that Irené conducted during Innovate Pasadena’s Connect Week. The workshop was packed! Irené quickly warmed up the attendees through some individual and group exercises. She was engaging, funny and provided good practical insights that everyone can use in their professional and personal lives. The time went by so quickly and I walked away wanting more. If you have an opportunity to attend a workshop conducted by her, I recommend going

S. Nanda
Technology Consultant, City of Los Angeles

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