Transition and Onboarding Coaching

One of the most critical times in an executive’s career is the first 90 days in a new role. Whether they are recruited from outside or promoted within the company, they are expected to perform from day one. (Research shows that nearly 30% of executives decide if they are going to stay or leave the job in the first week). The good news is that they are nearly 70% more likely to stay with the organization after 3 years, if they are enrolled in an on-boarding coaching program. Apart from the loss of productivity and other disruption, when a senior leader does not work out, the financial cost alone can amount to 3 times their annual salary. Coaching a leader in a new role can make a huge difference in their ability to succeed.

We have helped many executives as they transition from one role to another, both internally and joining a new company. Both can be fraught with challenges and uncertainties and some of the benefits on-boarding coaching can provide include:

  • A safe space to talk candidly about the new experiences and challenges to an objective external coach
  • A sounding board to brainstorm ideas and strategies
  • A time to breathe, slow down and be deliberate about priorities and options
  • A relationship that removes the isolation which many new leaders experience
onboarding coaching


Most people face periodic changes in their careers and lives. Whether change results from a layoff, a merger, a new management team or a new boss, or a global pandemic, finding oneself ill prepared to act alone can be daunting. Often the first casualty of a sudden change is confidence and that can be the first leg in the coaching journey. Our coaching approach addresses each situation and person individually and we work with our clients to strengthen self-awareness, evaluate assets and talents and come up with a plan. We work to help our clients change their mindset and most likely their behavior.

S. Lovin Director Strategic Initiatives, Health and Life Sciences

I started working with Irené as I was going through a career transition.  Irené is a wonderful and empathetic listener who guides one along the path of increased self-awareness through thoughtful and incisive questions. Her coaching made a world of difference to me, as she helped me sharpen my understanding of my strengths, my career objectives and helped me clarify my goals in achieving a new position. She also helped me fine-tune my professional presence, and gave me new tools to assist me in overcoming career challenges and expressing my full value to the business. She was definitely instrumental in taking my career to the next level. 

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