Epic Leadership Growth and Development Online Program

Our 7 month customizable online program is ideal for busy leaders. It promotes self-awareness, skills development and accountability. With a combination of small group training delivered virtually in combination with group and individual coaching, leaders build the skills and knowledge to drive change in themselves, their teams and reach their individual and business goals.

Even before the 2020 Pandemic, we became increasingly aware of the need to develop and deliver effective leadership training programs that are more than one day in duration and accessible easily and affordably. It’s challenging to arrange to have all your leaders in one location for an extended period, not to mention expensive and disruptive. So we developed a program that removes those roadblocks and offers a program delivered over 7 months that meets the demand for competency and leadership skill development.

With this model, the participants access one learning module every month which allows them to learn over time. The first class delivers the information and the second applies that learning and is highly interactive with the trainer and the other participants. This program works even more effectively when combined with a one to one coaching component.

The program is customizable to each organization’s needs. You decide what competencies, skills and education your teams needs and we customize the experience for them. We can also create specific modules that are unique to your business.


Some of the training modules available include:

  • Becoming a Confident Leader 
  • Building Self Awareness
  • Developing a Leadership Brand
  • Engage and Mobilize Your Team
  • Resolving Conflict
  • Maximizing Time
  • Building Strong Networks – Internal and External
  • Driving for Results
  • Coaching Your Team

Participants get to put the learning into practice on the job and interact with their peers on the topics and skills being developed.

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