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David had a high IQ and worked for years to get to the promotion he had just achieved– SVP Engineering. Because of his technical skills and reputation, he was chosen as the leader of a high profile and exciting new initiative for the company. The stakes were high. He inherited a team of engineers which included a few brilliant recent graduates as well as star performers from...
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Do you love Technology but dealing with people drives you crazy?

“I love what I do, the products, the culture… but to be honest, dealing with employees all day long drains me beyond words… ” Have you ever heard a colleague or even your boss say something like this? As frustrating as it may be, if they are in a leadership role, they spent all those years developing, even perfecting, technical skills that are less and less important as they manage...
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Tell Me what you Want, REALLY Want

A lot of people choose this time of year to contemplate their goals and make resolutions for the coming year. The vast majority give up before the month ends. Getting a promotion or a pay raise are realistic and common goals but if these goals are successful, will they get you what you really want? Which brings me to my main question: What DO you really want? Simple enough question, right? Or...
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Negative Self Talk

Are you your own worst enemy? Does your inner critic sometimes seem demonic and have an overall negative influence on how you feel about yourself? Why are we so hard on ourselves and indulge in the negative self-talk that left unchecked, will damage our strength, self-esteem and self-confidence? Ask yourself, would you talk this way  to your children, your best friend or your best...
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How Your Unique Talents Help Build Self-Awareness and Confidence

Have you ever wondered why the tendency is to focus more on a ‘D’ grade than the 3 A’s that came along with it?  At work, why do we often obsess disproportionately on weaknesses or development needs, instead of focusing on talents and strengths? Of course improving certain talents and behaviors is part of growth, but if knowing our core talents, and understanding how this would empower our...
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Oh to have Influence!

What does Influence mean to you? If I asked you to think of the person who most positively influenced your life and career, how would you describe that person? Confident, generous, encouraging, positive, consistent, a direct communicator, honest and so on? What kind of leader do you want to be? There are many examples of what looks like leadership but really isn’t. Dictatorship and bullying...
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