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“Irené has been an incredible asset to me and my business as an executive and career coach. Since meeting, she has helped me clarify my career goals, discern direction for the future and create practical and achievable steps to get there. Not only does she offer incredible insight and wisdom to her clients but she provides an excellent sounding board on which to bounce ideas off of and generate self-feedback and self-awareness.

“Her caring nature and approachability make it it easy to feel immediately comfortable and at ease while her ethos and experience make her feedback credible and sound. While anyone can bring technical training and expertise to the table Irené also brings personality and character that provides the essence of what is required for an effective coaching relationship: trust, rapport and encouragement. Through my experience with her I have found myself making career decisions and honing in on the things I really want to pursue in life.

“As a small business owner and business consultant I have found her services invaluable. If you’re looking for an executive coach or career coach Irené Turtle comes with my highest recommendation. As she told me in a recent coaching session, “my goal is to help other people succeed, if they do that, I’m satisfied.”

– Shannon


Preparing for your next professional role?

Passed over for promotion due to communication challenges?

Do you possess the knowledge or technical expertise
but have been held back due to a lack of managerial skills?



    • explore your career options
    • enhance your communication skills
    • increase your confidence
    • improve your productivity
    • identify a new career path and transition


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